From Research to Practice

Hrsg. von S. Barnow, N. Balkir

Improving mental health care through culturally sensitive research and practice

Culturally sensitive practice is a vital component of effective mental health care in our increasingly diverse societies: Mental illnesses vary in prevalence between cultural and ethnic groups, as do the meanings attached to them and people´s responses to them.

The important implications of this interplay between culture and psychopathology for diagnosis and treatment are scrutinized and elucidated in this comprehensive and well-organized book, which uniquely looks at a range of practical examples involving various ethnic minority populations in North America and Europe. Leading experts from around the world have integrated divergent topics into a systematic and clinically relevant volume.

Cultural Variations in Psychopathology: From Research to Practice is an important resource for researchers and in particular for any mental health professional who works with ethnically diverse communities.

cover_cultural-variations-in-psychopathology.jpgSven Barnow & Nazli Balkir (Editors)
Cultural Variations in Psychopathology
From Research to Practice
2013, viii + 286 pp.
ISBN 978-0-88937-434-8
US $63.00 / £ 36.00 / € 44.95

Download: flyer_cultural-variations-in-psychopathology.pdf (1.59 MB)

Table of Contents:

  • Foreword by Dinesh Bhugra

Preface & Acknowledgments

I. Introduction: The Relevance of Culture for Mental Health and Illness

  • Introduction by Sven Barnow & Nazli Balkir
  • Chapter 1: Migration and Mental Health: An Overview from Europe by Meryam Schouler-Ocak

II. How Culture Shapes Our Brain

  • Chapter 2: Understanding the Self: A Cultural Neuroscience Perspective by Shihui Han
  • Chapter 3: The Self and Its Emotional Brain by Georg Northoff & Jaak Panksepp

III. The Interplay Between Culture and Emotion Regulation: Implications for Mental Health

  • Chapter 4: Socialization of Emotions and Emotion Regulation in Cultural Context by Gisela Trommsdorff & Tobias Heikamp
  • Chapter 5: Emotion Regulation in Cultural Context: Implications for Wellness and Illness by Emily A. Butler
  • Chapter 6: Unpacking Cultural Differences in Emotion Regulation: The Role of Flexibility by Elisabeth A. Arens

IV. Diagnosis: Culture and Psychiatric Disorders

  • Chapter 7: Culturally Informing Diagnostic Systems by Juan Mezzich
  • Chapter 8: Depression and "Somatization" Among Two Divergent Cultural Groups by Sofie Bäärnhielm
  • Chapter 9: Cultural Influences on Perceptions of Pain by Herta Flor
  • Chapter 10: Embitterment in Cultural Contexts by Michael Linden
  • Chapter 11: Suicide in Cultural Context - From Etiology to Prevention: The Case of China by Kenneth R. Conner & Liang Zhou
  • Chapter 12: Substance Abuse and Addiction Among Divergent Ethnic Groups by Hans-Jörg Assion & Eckhardt Koch
  • Chapter 13: Possible Misclassification of Psychotic Symptoms Among Moroccan Immigrants in The Netherlands by Tekleh Zandi

V. Treatment: Taking Culture Into Account

  • Chapter 14: Mental Illness Models and Help-Seeking Behaviors Among Turkish Immigrant Patients in Europe by Nazli Balkir
  • Chapter 15: Training for Overcoming Health Disparities in Mental Health Care: Interpretative-Relational Cultural Competence by Adil Qureshi & Francisco José Eiroa-Orosa
  • Chapter 16: Integration of Immigrants in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy: Experiences and Concepts in Germany and Europe by Wielant Machleidt, Eckhardt Koch, Iris T. Calliess, Renate Schepker, Marc Ziegenbein, Marcel G. Sieberer, & Ramazan Salman
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